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We believe in your right to opt out of centralized institutions, tech, and culture. We're creators, leaders, and free-thinkers building and funding values-aligned projects in bitcoin and freedom tech.

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Decentralization. Sovereignty. Privacy. Freedom.
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Power to the People

Culturally, financially and governmentally, outside forces control our lives. Credit ratings and central banking underscore that we are not the sole owner of our money or identities. Our work facilitates a focus shift: from an external locus of control to internal. From things happen to me, to I decide which parts of culture, business and finance I participate in.

Decentralized Systems

When institutions own the pieces of information that make up how we’re qualified and quantified as players in the game of society, unsavory stuff can happen. Gathered in one place, that data is easily breached. Controlled by corporations, it’s easily corrupted. We believe that the tallies adding up to your life belong to you—outside of today's coordinated, centrally controlled systems.

Creation from Destruction

We’re the question-askers. Does unchallenged mean indestructible? Does "too big to fail" mean too risky to demolish? Each felled tree makes room for new growth. Our creed: Break it. Make it. Change something big in the process.

Experience + Risk

There’s something tremendously powerful at the intersection of experience and appetite for risk: confidence to be bold. The ability to make meaningful decisions that change minds. In this way, Thesis embraces neutral chaos—“let’s see what happens when we do this” action with a solid foundation of experience means we confidently push the big red button.

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We’re backed by the best in the world.


Founded by Olaf Carlson-Wee in 2016, Polychain is an investment firm committed to exceptional returns for investors through actively managed portfolios of blockchain assets.


A crypto-native investment and technology firm founded by Ben Forman in 2018, ParaFi is focused on token, venture, and quantitative strategies.


Nascent is a team of builders who back early-stage founders creating products and primitives for an open financial world


Fenbushi Capital was founded in Shanghai in 2015 by Bo Shen and Vitalik Buterin. To date it has supported over 60 leading projects in the blockchain space across 4 continents.


Dragonfly are crypto-natives who have been investing and building for 10+ years. Founded in 2018, dragonfly brings access and influence to help crypto teams with global aspirations find innovation and adoption anywhere.


Monday are founders and engineers who know what it’s like to start and grow a new company. They believe that their role as investors is to help startups find their path, but ultimately, the founders must make the key decisions.

Andreesen Horowitz

A decade-old venture capital firm located in Silicon Valley, California, defined by respect for the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial company building process. Smart, and not crypto-specific: a16z backs bold entrepreneurs building the future through technology.

Draper Associates

A global firm with roots at Stanford, leveraging deep, in-depth knowledge in cutting-edge tech. Their focus: disruptive thinking + strong management in AI, AR/VR, big data, blockchain, healthcare, fintech and consumer tech, among others.

Boost VC

Boost is an early stage venture capital firm focused on being the first check for sci-fi. In the crypto space, that's meant prescient positions in companies like Coinbase and EtherScan.

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