I founded Thesis to build and grow projects that protect and reclaim fundamental individual rights.

Between Fold, tBTC, Taho, Etcher, and Embody, we’ve built a family of companies across fintech, DeFi, infrastructure, and zero-knowledge cryptography.

The unifying ethos behind all these ventures is what I call freedom tech: the idea that technology’s default setting should be to serve and empower people, not log their activity and monetize their data. Regardless of the form factor, the projects we launch and support are made to protect and increase user freedom.

And a core truth is that you can’t have freedom tech without security. It doesn’t matter how radically innovative a product is, or how much it lets a user do. If software doesn’t do what it says on the box — if it doesn’t correctly follow the intent of the user — it’s not a product, it’s a vulnerability.

Security is the key to everything we build at Thesis.

Over the years, we’ve built out our own brilliant applied cryptography group to support our products. And I have had the pleasure of working with a number of amazing security professionals who support our vision.

Hind Kurhan is at the top of that list. She is a veteran of the security auditing space, well known across ecosystems as one of the industry’s best operators – and a staunch defender of privacy and personal liberty.

I first met Hind in person at last year’s ETH Denver, but we’d already collaborated for years in her roles as Director of Security Consulting at Least Authority, and later as the business development and partnerships lead at Consensys Diligence. During this time working alongside her, I came to know her as one of the foremost experts – and one of the most committed changemakers – in crypto auditing and security services.

That’s why I’m so thrilled to announce that Hind will be joining the Thesis family to co-found our new auditing arm. She will be leading a team of top-notch auditors and security experts in building a new standard for auditing across crypto and Web3. Her goal is to establish a new gold standard for the industry that allows institutions and individuals to invest with confidence.

Hind's career encompasses senior technology and security roles as well as international humanitarian work. She has a unique perspective on the current distributed systems and blockchain space and the leading actors and technologies within it. Hind has built teams that have audited some of the most significant projects shaping the space right now, and has curated pipelines of security projects that are at once innovative, interesting, and relevant.

Like her team, and like all of us at Thesis, Hind is deeply invested in supporting privacy enhancing and opportunity enabling technology. I hope you will join me in welcoming her as we embark on this exciting, and important, new chapter in the story of digital security.