I’m delighted to be joining Thesis* to co-found Thesis Defense, the newest player in the blockchain auditing space.

Our goal is clear: to transform crypto and fintech security.

The mission of Defense is to bring to crypto an auditing methodology that is rigorous, standardized, and repeatable, similar to the processes that define traditional finance, fostering further opportunities for mainstream adoption of decentralized technology.

To do this, we intend to establish the Defense Security Standard: an innovative security standard intended to serve as a new auditing benchmark for decentralized systems.

Thesis Defense launches at a moment when crypto needs security and trust more than ever. Last year alone, a rogues’ gallery of scammers, thieves, raiders, and hackers made off with a record $3.8 billion worth of crypto by exploiting vulnerabilities in the code of wallets, centralized platforms, and token protocols.

The impact of thefts on this scale extends well beyond the individual projects and investors affected. It has a major chilling effect on the entire space.

More robust security auditing can, and must, change that. Bolstering the security audit process is essential to the long-term success of crypto. By demonstrating that Web3 ecosystems and their users can be protected from nefarious actors, the industry can give institutional and retail investors the confidence they need to participate and invest in decentralized finance.

As a new gold standard for security audits, Defense is designed to enable the evolution and improvement of ecosystem security throughout Web3.

While Thesis Defense is a new venture, it is by no means starting from scratch. I’m joined by a highly experienced, dynamic team of senior auditors, cryptographers, and business specialists, all deeply committed to bringing a new level of excellence, innovation, and evolution to crypto security, while maintaining transparency and integrity.

In particular, I’m excited to be working with Thesis CEO, Matt Luongo, and Project Management Lead, Bashir Abu-Amr. Matt and Bashir share my belief that decentralization holds the potential to create a world where power, wealth, and opportunities are more equitably and broadly distributed.

This is an ethos that will be encoded in the DNA of this new and incredible team from the start. What distinguishes Defense from other auditing operations is that everyone on the team has both the technical expertise and the personal motivation to make Web3, decentralized systems, and crypto work – and work securely.

To ensure that its innovations and high standards benefit the entire Web3 community, the Defense team is committed to:

  • Holding itself to the Defense Security Standard;
  • Holding clients and customers to the highest standards of development and security best practices;
  • Participating in the community through knowledge-sharing and education;
  • Working on public goods that will enhance blockchain security such as research and tooling; and
  • Remaining tech-agnostic and diving into cutting-edge technologies such as zero-knowledge cryptography with energy and drive.

By applying the core tenets of Web3 – autonomy, anonymity, self-sovereignty, and equitable access to technology, opportunity, and assets – I believe we can together resolve some of the globe’s most pressing challenges.

Join us.